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{if $product.price.old} {$product.price.old|format_price} {elseif $product.parent} {txt name="FROM"} {elseif $product.price.current} {txt name="ONLY"} {elseif isset($product.price.list) AND $store.options.showlistprice} {txt name="ONLY"} {/if} {if $product.price.current} {$product.price.current|format_price} {elseif isset($product.price.list) AND $store.options.showlistprice} {txt name="PRODUCT_PRICE_LIST" price=$product.price.list|format_price} {else} {txt name="PRODUCT_PRICE_NA"} {/if}
{if $product.instock}
{txt name="PRODUCT_STOCK_IN"}
{elseif $store.options.showoutofstock}
{txt name="PRODUCT_STOCK_OUT"}
{if $store.options.showcart == 0} {txt name="PRODUCT_VIEW"} {txt name="PRODUCT_BUY_NOW"} {elseif $store.options.showcart == 1} {if $template.options.PRODUCTLISTING_BUTTON_TYPE == 'buyatamazon'} {txt name="PRODUCT_BUY_NOW"} {else} {txt name="PRODUCT_VIEW"} {/if} {txt name="PRODUCT_BUY"} {/if}
{if $user.isadmin} {include 'productlisting/admin'} {/if}
{if $i is div by $template.options.PRODUCTLISTING_ROW_COUNT}
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